My name is Nathan Graham, a West Midlands freelance videographer.

What I love about videography is the ability to take a concept and expand on it in a vast number of ways. Its constantly moving, evolving and being able to add a cut here, change the music there really opens up the method of storytelling. As a graduate with a First Class Honours in video and film production, recently I have been working full-time as a media production intern in producing corporate videos.

So you may be wondering why you should hire me. Well I would like to give a few points so when you have a new project, you may think of me as a client;

  • Past experiences I have often worked in very small teams or solo. As a result, you will be getting someone knowledgeable on all steps of production, from beginning to the end.

  • The price will be reasonable and affordable to help you. As a freelancer, my overheads are significantly lower than a production house - those savings are passed on to you.

  • I will always be your point of contact, specifically working with you for your desired video. You will be able to ask me anything regarding the process.

  • Production will be quick and easy; video work can be daunting for anyone involved such as the client may be unsure on their vision of the video, or the interviewee may be nervous being on camera. I will work to keep things going smooth.

  • I am also covered with Public Liability Insurance of 5M.


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