My Kit

As a freelance videographer, there is a lot to think about when it comes to what equipment is needed. The question of whether its better to get an all purpose camcorder like a Sony FS5 or Panasonic HC-XE1, or maybe something from the Canon C series, with its interchangeable lens. There is also the question of audio, and how do you plan to record it? Should the microphone be plugged into the camera and save time syncing the audio to the video (and risk sound quality) or record separately to a dedicated sound recorder? What about tripods, gimbals and lighting?

Once you think you have an idea of what you want, you then have to remember how you plan to carry all of the kit. As a solo videographer, it would be pretty difficult to carry a the tripod, audio kit and lighting, without even considering the weight of the camcorder. Being lightweight and portable is key. Not only will a lightweight set up be easy to transport, it will be easier to handle on a shoot.

I chose the Panasonic GH5 for this reason. A small camera that has features of a camcorder for a reduced price. It has a sharp image, can record in 60fps in 4k and 120fps in 1080p for slow motion, and handles colours and detail nicely. The only issue is the auto-focus is weaker than some of its competitors and can be difficult to deal with action shots. The manual focus works smoothly though and with some little features like focus transition that can help for any staged dynamic shots. For corporate video work, these features are suited to the type of shots needed. 

Below you can see the kit I currently use.

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