This privacy policy on this website ( will describe what data is collected and used on all visitors. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you on how and why this is collected. I have no vested interest in using any data collected to sell to a third party. This does not mean zero data is collected and it is important that you read on.


When you contact me as a visitor, potential client or current client, personal data may be collected. This may include; full name, age, gender, email address, business, business address, business information, financial information, and any other information you may relay to me, related to services I offer or otherwise. 

I reiterate; I have no vested interest in using any data collected to sell to a third party.

All visitors are able to contact me either through the present email address located on the website or through the contact form which uses the same email address ( 


As of writing this current version of this policy, there are no implementations of any sort of mailing list or newsletter and there is no current interest in doing so. Therefore any visitors that visit this site will not be contacted as a result of simply visiting. Any perceived unsolicited emails from will be a result of myself finding possible contacts through marketing, word of mouth, your brand and marketing, etc. There is no method of registering as a member of Any contact with visitors will be as a result of contacting me initially through email.


Any personal information I receive via email is hosted through password-protected Google email services and/or through G-Suite, a collection of cloud-based services such as word processors, spreadsheets and cloud storage, alongside any work produced for a client.


This website is hosted on a platform which provides the ability to host this website to offer services and for visitors to contact me through the contact form. All data collected by Squarespace is held on their own servers. You can find the privacy policy for here.


Cookies are employed on this site due to being hosted on the platform. You will be able to find which cookies that are employed here. These cookies are used for security purposes and tracking access.


To host video content such as the showreel, the content has been embedded via Youtube uses their own cookies for the purposes of tracking access, preferences, security, and analytics. You can learn more on the use of cookies by Youtube (and by extension, Google) here.


Google Analytics is used on this website. Google Analytics collects data (via the use of cookies) on visitors' device, browser, IP-address and on-site activities (such as clicks). This does not collect personal information that can be used to identify. The purpose of this is for myself, to improve my services and understanding any particular trends to help do so. All data collected by Google is held on their servers. You can find more on how Google Analytics collects data here.


You can request to see any held information of yourself via


You are to assume that the current privacy policy is to stay in effect until any necessary changes required due to either a change in services or legislation. You will not be contacted in a case of an updated privacy policy so it is in your best interest to check this privacy policy occasionally.